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URUTAN MALAYSIA is a combination of finest elements from Malay and various indigenous massage techniques and Reflexology. The service is based on your choice.

Weekday Classes : Tuesday & Thursday  2-4 PM 

Weekend Classes : Saturday & Sunday 2-4 PM

10 Sessions 

Internationally recognise certification will be given at the end of the course


Individual who wants to learn the art of massage and how it can help another individual 

Massage business owners who wants to send their employee to learn 

Individual who wants to open massage business 

Individual who wants to work overseas as a professional masseuse 

Individual who wants to improve their skill sets and adopt new techniques 

Passionate individual who wants to venture into learning new skills 

Spa owners who wants to to send their staff for learning

Foreign students are welcome to enroll 


  • Become a certified Massage Therapist

  • Trained by Qualified Massage Trainers

  • Corporate Massage Wellness Program

  • Career in Massage Industry

  • Massage Service by certified Therapist

If you ever have a desire to make healthcare you're key to success? Call us now to discover FULL / PART TIME career/ business opportunities as a professional massage therapist in Malaysia and Internationally.

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