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Postnatal Massage Course


Postnatal Massage Course

Course: 20 Hours Postnatal Massage Course

Module 1: Introduction to Postnatal Massage (2 hours)
  • Overview of the course and learning objectives
  • Importance and benefits of postnatal massage
  • Addressing common postnatal concerns
  • Safety precautions and hygiene practices for postnatal massage

Module 2: Anatomy and Physiology for Postnatal Massage (2 hours)
  • Understanding changes in the body post childbirth
  • Specific considerations for postnatal massage
  • Addressing postnatal muscular and skeletal issues
  • Body mechanics and ergonomics for postnatal massage therapists

Module 3: Postnatal Massage Techniques (6 hours)
  • Basic massage strokes adapted for postnatal clients
  • Special considerations for areas affected by childbirth
  • Gentle techniques for relaxation and pain relief
  • Addressing postnatal stress and tension

Module 4: Postnatal Massage Sequence (7 hours)
  • Step-by-step instruction on a postnatal massage sequence
  • Techniques for addressing specific postnatal concerns
  • Focusing on back, shoulders, abdomen, hips, and legs
  • Guidance on transitioning between different areas of the body

Module 5: Client Communication and Professionalism in Postnatal Massage (2 hours)
  • Building rapport and understanding postnatal client needs
  • Effective communication and active listening skills
  • Professional ethics, boundaries, and maintaning client confidentiality

Module 6: Self-Care for Postnatal Massage Therapists (1 hour)
  • Importance of self-care and maintaining physical and mental well-being
  • Specific self-care practices for postnatal massage therapists
  • Preventing burnout and promoting a sustainable postnatal massage practice

Module 7: Assessment and Certification (2 hours)
  • Recap and review of key postnatal massage concepts and techniques
  • Practical assessment to evaluate postnatal massage skills
  • Issuance of course completion certificate for postnatal massage therapy

Who should enroll:

  • Individual who wants to learn the art of massage and how it can help another individual
  • Massage business owners who wants to send their employee to learn 
  • Individual who wants to open massage business 
  • Individual who wants to work overseas as a professional masseuse 
  • Individual who wants to improve their skill sets and adopt new techniques 
  • Passionate individual who wants to venture into learning new skills 
  • Spa owners who wants to to send their staff for learning
  • Foreign students are welcome to enroll 

Enroll now and: 

  • Become a certified Massage Therapist

  • Trained by Qualified Massage Trainers

  • Corporate Massage Wellness Program

  • Career in Massage Industry

  • Massage Service by certified Therapist

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Registration Processes For Experienced Massage Therapists To SKM Exam

1.  Submit complete paperwork to Tim Bodycare Massage Academy.

a.  Details (Name, IC number, Email, Handphone number)

b.  Surat sumpah of more than 3 years experience, from commissioner of oath

c.  Any previous education skill certificate (max 3 documents)

d. Choose 3 skills, 2 skills or 1 skill to be examined. (full body massage, reflexology, aromatherapy)

e.  Will have registration fees


2.  Create your profile in MYSPIKE.MY (individually)

3.  Exam Batch allocation (8 candidates per batch)

4.  Received Email , log in ID and PASSWORD individually registration from MySPIKE.MY

5.  We will correspondent between you and examiner

6.  Verification of proposed date, personal details and examiner name

7.  Exam 2 hours.

8.  Collect Certification in 2 months.

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