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Why choose us

9 reasons to choose us


1. Become the Best

Our unique training methods and specialist teaching staff ensure that we produce the most highly skilled and most marketable massage therapists to offer to the marketplace, over and above any other.


2. Teaching Staff

The staff and trainers of the Institute are the best in the business offering unique student support. All the trainers are highly qualified and respected in the industry. All of the “hands-on” trainers have successful practices and many have worked at elite National and International sporting events, including FIT MALAYSIA, THESTAR SUN, MURFEST, STANDARD CHARTERTED BANK RUN etc.


3. Work Experience

Opportunities exist to gain advanced experience with work experience available at FIT MALAYSIA working on elite runners and cyclists, Corporate Massage opportunities, sporting events and Clinical experience.


4. Ongoing Support
When you complete the course and become a graduate our support does not stop there. We have ongoing training courses in other advanced courses and also offer past students the opportunity to attend meetings for job placement, job matching and franchise.


5. Accreditation

TIM BODYCARE MASSAGE ACADEMY offers Nationally Recognised Training and is accredited with the JABATAN PEMBANGUNAN KEMAHIRAN (Department of Skill Development) JPK-3 as well as ISO9001 INTERNATIONAL STANDARD RECOGNITION. Our courses are also fully recognised by industry associations such as Association of Malaysia Spa (AMSPA), Malaysia Society of Traditional and Complementary Medicine (MSCT) to name a few!


6. Range of Courses

Tim Bodycare offers a great range of massage courses from short “Introduction to Massage” courses the professional Certificate level 3 in Full Body Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy.  There are also a number of advanced short courses to ensure that you stay at the next higher of your chosen specialty.

Class numbers are limited so as to ensure individual attention from both teachers and administration staff.


7. Fully Inclusive Fees

Our fees are fully inclusive – there are no hidden costs for textbooks or equipment. The timetables are easily managed and are prepared for the whole duration of the course.


8. Focus on Massage

Massage is the sole focus of the Tim Bodycare Massage Academy. We are recognised as a leader in massage education in Malaysia and as having an ongoing commitment to the massage industry for knowledge transfer, job placement and franchise opportunities.

9. Facilities
We have great modern facilities and is conveniently located 5min walk to the Taman Jaya or Asia Jaya LRT train station. There is also ample car parking to ensure ease of access both day and night via Menara PKNS Petaling Jaya

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